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Fix The Debt Gets Caught Impersonating a State Senator in Letter to the Editor Fraud

“Fix the Debt,” a front group for billionaire social security privatization fanatic Peter G. Peterson, has been caught red handed by the New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans in a case of letter fraud. It seems that a letter to the editor had appeared in the Portsmouth Herald on November 3 in which the author […]

No Labels Astroturf Machinery Powers Up for a 6th Round of Fake Letters

“Astroturfing” is the use of various means to create the appearance of grassroots support for an organization or idea when no actual grassroots support exists. Astroturfing takes money, typically making it a tool of some elite group. Sometimes the goal is to get conformist everyday citizens to jump on a fake bandwagon for an unpopular […]

Write your letter to the Editor against Patriot Act Reauthorization TODAY

They’re old-fashioned, I know, but letters to the editor of your local newspaper are important for a couple of reasons. First, they initiate public conversation among the most active members of your community. People who read newspapers tend to be more educated, more inclined toward participation in civic events, and more likely to show up […]

Multiblog Appeal: To Get FISA Right, Write Your Letters Now

[Crossposted today at Get FISA Right]

From its inception, Get FISA Right has been dedicated to building an online movement from within the context of the Obama for President campaign. But the passage of time and the turn of events have led to some subtle and not-so-subtle changes in Get FISA Right’s focus.

During 2008, […]

American College of Pediatricians: A Useful Prop for Desperate Anti-Gay Bigots in Maine and Everywhere

I just finished getting the kids down to sleep tonight and pulled out my local paper, the Herald Gazette of Knox County, and this letter to the editor popped right out at me:

Is it good for children to be raised by two mothers or two fathers? Definitely not, according to the American College of […]

My Letter to the Editor Success on Patriot Act Abuse. Try Your Own.

At the beginning of this month, frustrated that newspapers were not covering the significant Patriot Act reauthorization meetings in the U.S. Senate, I decided to do what I could to get the message out myself. I already do my bit online, writing articles that I hope people will search for and choose to read. I […]

Write a Letter to the Editor Today on Surveillance Reform and the JUSTICE Act

If you care about the expansion of government surveillance lacking the basic constitutional requirement of giving a judge a reason, I strongly suggest that you take some form of action today. A good start is to contact your senators and ask them to cosponsor the strongest surveillance reform bill in Congress today: the JUSTICE Act, […]

My Letter to the Editor on Obama Violating Constitutional Rights. Show Me Your Letter.

Early this morning, I asked you to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper in protest against Barack Obama’s use of the courts to stop people from bringing evidence that their constitutional rights have been violated. I shouldn’t ask you to do something that I won’t do. So here’s my letter:

Dear […]

Wasilla Church Appears to Violate Tax Exempt Status in 2005; Muthee directly tells congregation to Vote Palin

The content of the October 2005 sermons of Thomas Muthee in Wasilla has been disclosed, and it appears that Muthee’s sermons on behalf of the Wasilla Assemblies of God have violated the law.

The Internal Revenue Service makes the law very clear: those churches that don’t want to pay taxes on their income must in […]

Letter to the Editor of the New York Times on Torture Coverage

My letter to the editor of the New York Times on the paper’s complete lack of coverage of the president’s torture conspiracy admission:

To the Editor:

On Thursday, the Times dedicated 19 square inches to a photograph of dancing nuns. In the 1990s, the Times dedicated countless pages to coverage of a president’s sex act. […]