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Repeat After Me: Let's Ban People, Then

Who’s writing? What’s the problem?

Anthony Schnotala, Hickory Corners MI, March 8 2013: “It’s not the guns that are the problem, it is the people.”

Ann Wood, paraphrasing Rupert Bankert, Provincetown MA, March 1 2013: “Guns aren’t the problem, people are.”

Sydney Manning, Springfield VA, February 21 2013: “Guns aren’t the problem, people are.”

Matthew […]

Write a Letter to the Editor Today on Surveillance Reform and the JUSTICE Act

If you care about the expansion of government surveillance lacking the basic constitutional requirement of giving a judge a reason, I strongly suggest that you take some form of action today. A good start is to contact your senators and ask them to cosponsor the strongest surveillance reform bill in Congress today: the JUSTICE Act, […]