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Does Americans Elect owe its $20 Million Benefactors if it pays them Back?

If someone loaned you $20 million to start an enterprise, would you feel indebted to that person after you paid him or her back? What if the loan were interest-free?

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I’m asking this question because Americans Elect, the 501c4 corporation trying to arrange the election of its own presidential candidate in 2012, has […]

Zero-Interest Microloan: Lesbia Pantoja of Nicaragua for Used Clothing Sales

Every time you buy one of our sweatshop-free liberal t-shirts, we send a dollar off to a liberal political cause and another dollar to aid in overseas economic development. When we found out that the microcredit institution Kiva was charging its lendees exorbitant interest and fees, we shifted our giving to outright microgrants instead. But […]