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Al Franken, Will You Stand With the Patriot Act or With Civil Liberty?

When the public was watching, Senator Al Franken read the 4th Amendment aloud to Obama officials, in high rhetorical dudgeon against the Patriot Act. Everybody clapped.

When the public wasn’t watching, Senator Al Franken twice acted to support the Patriot Act and to keep warrantless surveillance, search and seizure of Americans’ communications and property — […]

Call Senate Judiciary Committee Direct to Support the JUSTICE Act

Yesterday and this morning I asked you to call members of the Senate Judiciary Committee if you happened to have one of the two Senators for your state serving on the Committee. The cause: to promote consideration and inclusion of the provisions of S. 1686 (the JUSTICE Act). S. 1686 has a number of provisions, […]

Four Bills on Government Surveillance for Thursday Senate Judiciary Markup. What Do You Know?

As I mentioned yesterday, this Thursday — just two days from now — there will be a Senate Judiciary Committee markup meeting in which a bill to extend and reform warrantless surveillance powers will take shape and possibly be passed out of committee.

As of this morning, there are four bills representing different visions for […]

Act NOW! On Thursday, Senate Decides Future of Surveillance in America

The Senate Judiciary Committee has quietly scheduled this Thursday at 9:30 am to mark up legislation reauthorizing sections of the Patriot Act for four more years and revising the FISA Amendments Act to boot.

The markup matters, and you should contact your Senators before it happens. Here’s why.

Surveillance Matters In 1791, Jeremy Bentham described […]

Democrats in Congress Fail To Stop Satellite Spying Against Americans

The subcommittee suggests that it might be reducing the amount of funding for the National Applications Office to an amount that is somewhat less than what President Obama requested. However, as of this morning, the markup listings (here and here) of the Homeland Security programs with reduced or eliminated funding do not include the National Applications Office. […]

Confirmed: New CafePress System Raises Prices for Customers, Cuts Pay to Designers

CafePress is a “print on demand” corporation. What that means, practically speaking, is that they have a set of printers in a handful of factories in the United States. The CafePress corporation uses those printers to put images made by graphic designers onto a variety of products, including bumper stickers, buttons and shirts. Because it […]