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In Swag Searches, GOP Attention Still Focused on McCain and Palin

This past March, I looked into the number of searches made by people looking for various forms of gear at CafePress featuring the names of various possible Republican presidential contenders for 2012. (If you log in to, you can find out how many people searched for bumper stickers, buttons or shirts for sale featuring […]

Cynthia Ruccia Didn't Put Her Money Where Her Mouth Was

Remember Cynthia Ruccia? She’s the former Democratic Party leader from my home of Columbus, Ohio who declared during the summer of 2008 that she would not support Barack Obama for President and instead would throw her support to John McCain, because hey, the overturning of Roe v. Wade is not such a big deal compared […]

John McCain Gives A Gracious Concession Speech

and his assembled followers show their lack of grace.

Celebrate Obama and Prepare Just in Case

I’m hoping Barack Obama will win, but preparing this emergency McCain victory response kit just in case. […]

Is Obama A Big Spender Or Not Spending Enough?

Will Barack Obama spend too much or spend too little? Both, says John McCain. […]

What If Obama Was The Most Liberal Candidate Ever?

The problems America is facing now are due to the right wing presidency of George W. Bush and the right wing support he has obtained from Congress for most of his term in office. Liberals are not the problem, so what would be the big deal if Barack Obama was a liberal? […]

Obama is Sure to Win, Just Like He Was Sure to Win New Hampshire

Democrats who think they can sit back and start celebrating the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States need to remember the primary lesson of New Hampshire. […]

What's the Difference Between a Maverick and a Rogue?

One source from McCain’s camp is said to call Sarah Palin a “diva” who has lost the trust of top advisors and even her own family. […]

Bush Votes For McCain

President Dubya has given the ultimate endorsement and cast his ballot for John McCain for President. Apparently, Bush is concerned that McCain could lose Texas. […]

Interview Transcript: Sarah Palin Won't Call Abortion Clinic Bombers Terrorists

In an interview aired tonight between journalist Brian Williams and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Palin repeatedly refused to define as “terrorists” the people who bombed abortion clinic, firebombed clinics, shot doctors and killed nurses.

When you read this transcript of Palin’s remarks, pay special attention to the way that Sarah Palin relies on […]

Consequences of a Free Market Health Care System

ncreasing numbers of Americans are deciding not to get the medical treatments they need because they don’t have enough money. Why don’t we see those economc statistics on a bright green ticker on our TV sets? […]