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Liveblogging The 2016 Republican Convention Night 2

The second night of the GOP national convention in 2016 is seeing yet another revolt against the nomination of Donald Trump. Yesterday, the Colorado delegation walked out in protest against Trump’s push toward the nomination. Tonight, the Alaska delegation is protesting Trump by engaging in

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Roll Call: Who In Congress Voted AGAINST Torture Reform?

Today saw the release of the Torture Report from the Senate Intelligence Committee. The CIA, whose “enhanced interrogation techniques” the report describes, has been trying to prevent the report’s release. The Central Intelligence Agency even engaged in criminal behavior to stop the facts in the

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They Say Michael Mukasey Collapsed Last Night

That’s what they say. But honey, the Attorney General collapsed long ago. Leaders of the Federalist Society assembled in the room to hear Mukasey speak asked that everyone pray for Mukasey’s well-being as he was rushed to the hospital. Did they pray for the well-being

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