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Jeb Bush Record of Dirty Leadership Revealed at Swisher Hygiene

Jeb Bush has demonstrated, through his failed business leadership at Swisher Hygiene, that he has the same character flaws that led to the loss of thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars under his brother’s presidency. […]

Mayday PAC Avoids Cronyism by Avoiding Nick Troiano

This last July, I found myself wondering aloud: would the Mayday Super PAC (using big money in politics to undermine the use of big money in politics) endorse and fund the campaign of Nick Troiano for Congress? If the Mayday PAC ended up funnelling money to Troiano, that would represent the crassest sort of insider […]

Asked Point Blank, Americans Elect Refuses to Disclose $$$ from Billionaire Peter Ackerman

CSPAN Washington Journal, September 25 2011, featuring the Chief Operating Officer of Americans Elect, a 501c4 corporation attempting to run its own candidate for President in 2012:

Washington Journal Moderator Libby Casey: Who is Peter Ackerman, and how much money is he contributing?

Americans Elect Chief Operating Officer Elliot Ackerman: Um, Peter Ackerman is one […]

Americans Elect Funder and Chair Peter Ackerman Hires Son to run Rules Committee

For a connected chain of private political corporations, arranging presidential elections is a family affair.

In the 2008 election season, when Unity08 organized to run its own ticket for President of the United States, co-founder Hamilton Jordan had his daughter placed in the leadership of its youth effort, UnityPetition. Jordan also placed his daughter’s schoolteacher […]

Debate Question for Sarah Palin: Do Pitbulls Get Free Salmon, Complimentary Facials and Zoning?

Here’s a question I’d like Sarah Palin to answer at tonight’s debate:

Governor Palin, you say you’re a fighter against corruption and the special interests. But as Mayor of Wasilla, which was until a year and a half ago your only elected office, you regularly received gifts from influential townspeople and businesses, you used your […]