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Obama Administration Agencies Blow Off Required Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Reports

This month, the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board issued its second semi-annual public report on its investigations of the activities of the United States government and the extent to which those activities violate the constitutional rights of everyday people. A juicy tidbit in that report seems to have escaped notice. Let’s cover it.

Focus […]

What Would Form 1024 Tell Us About Americans Elect (if they would let us see it?)

If the run-a-private-election-for-president effort called Americans Elect is a 501c4 corporation, as it claims, then it should have filed a Form 1024 with the Internal Revenue Service. That’s the form by which a group applies for recognition of exemption under Section 501. The IRS declares that “a social welfare organization seeking recognition under section 501(c)(4) […]

Americans Elect Leader Eliot Cutler is a No Labels “Thought Leader”

For a little while now I’ve been tallying up the connections between two groups:

No Labels, a Washington DC 501c4 corporation that does not disclose its donors and seeks to sway the outcome of Congressional elections next year Americans Elect, a Washington DC 501c4 corporation that does not disclose its donors and seeks to sway […]

Americans Elect Shuts Down as 527, Begins Life as No-Disclosure 501c4

Americans Elect is dead. Long live Americans Elect.

Last month, I noted a oddity: while Americans Elect continued in its activity to organize its very own presidential campaign for the year 2012, it had apparently terminated its own existence. As a corporation organized under Section 527 of IRS code, Americans Elect filed a “final notice” […]