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Sleepover Protest at NRA HQ June 20

Coalition of 25 Groups Plans June 20 Sleepover Protest at NRA HQ

25 activist groups have joined together for a June 20 sleepover protest against policies that promote gun violence outside the headquarters of the National Rifle Association at 11250 Waples Mill Rd, Fairfax, Virginia.  Everyone is welcome to bring a sleeping bag and surround the NRA from 8 PM to

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NRA Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Being Sauron

Not one of the Republican presidential candidates at the event had the decency to stand up and say something like, “Hey, we’re getting a little bit out of hand here.” Instead, they clapped their hands as Wayne LaPierre wove his prophecies of permanent darkness, and hoped that they could pick up some political capital from the crowd’s fervor.

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