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US nuclear arsenal

There Is No Crisis In North Korea

Over the last week, TV news has been saturated with images of threat in North Korea. CNN and Fox News declare that there is a “North Korea crisis”, while showing North Korean military parades and breathlessly reporting on a North Korean missile test. There is

Clinton-Trump Debate 3 Live Blog

Clinton-Trump Debate #3 Live Blog

We’re five minutes after 9 PM Eastern time on October 19, 2016, and Chris Wallace is going through the motions of introducing this third Clinton-Trump debate. I’ll be posting anything notable from this debate as the experience unfolds, but if there’s nothing to say I

Donald Trump, High and Mighty, on the Republican National Convention Nomination Stage: July 21 2016

Danger in 140 Characters or Less

“A man who can be baited by a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” I heard that somewhere tonight; it sounds about right. Would you trust that man with your bank account? Would you trust that man with your wallet? Would

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