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Dolphin News From Tursiops

Dolphin rescues, pods of killer whales attacking larger whales, the experience of captive marine mammals, and evaluation of supposed dolphin exposure therapies are all subjects recently covered by the articles over at Tursiops.

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Is Learning To Breathe Activism?

Is “breathing from the belly” a form of political action? Does “casting a circle” actually accomplish anything? I don’t see how. All these ideas are activity without action because they’re completely self-centered, focused on making the person who does them feel better without having any impact in the world outside the self.

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Alaskan Sea Links

Perhaps I’ll go on an expedition to the Bering Sea in order to photograph ribbon seals myself. In the meantime, before I an hire a boat, I wanted to provide interested readers with a couple of related links to organizations I found that are working on protecting marine life around Alaska.

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Sharks Going Under

For those who care that sharks are disappearing from our planet’s oceans, there are many opportunities for education and action. The following are just a few of the organizations that are working to conserve sharks. Find one that seems suitable to you, and give it your support.

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Long Beachcombing

What I learned at Long Beach this week is that a beachcomber learns more about the land than the sea by what is found on the water’s edge. It seems that the ocean keeps more of what it makes than we do on the land.

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