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The Nazi Role Playing Of Rich Iott

Rich Iott isn’t just wrong for Congress because he dressed up as a Nazi. He’s wrong because his extremist politics would create a historical re-enactment of the worst mistakes of the last generation.

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Pat Tiberi (R-AEP)

“Them who pay the piper call the tune.” Who does Representative Patrick Tiberi represent? Well, who’s paying the piper? The most frequent source of contributions to Pat Tiberi in the 2009-2010 election cycle is an energy corporation called American Electric Power. 48 contributions by the

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OH-12: Paula Brooks Buckeye Cash Versus Pat Tiberi PAC Machine

In this year’s race for Ohio’s 12th District seat in Congress, Democratic challenger Paula Brooks has received more in campaign contributions from the people of Ohio ($723,795) than Republican incumbent Patrick Tiberi has ($712,701). In total campaign dollars, however, Pat Tiberi holds an immense advantage,

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