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Democrats Pass Money for Clean Coal

Why are Democrats in Congress and the White House supporting inefficient, polluting, remarkably ungreen energy technology? It’s for the same reason that the Republicans did: Fossil fuel companies have lots of lobbyists and make lots of campaign contributions.

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Stinky Pork Spending That's Worth It

If Tom Coburn doesn’t know about the problems caused by the immense expansion and concentration of swine in the American Midwest over the last generation, then he has been working in Washington D.C. for too long.

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Nuclear Weapons and Ambulances

Our government has huge numbers of nuclear bombs, each one of which could destroy an entire city all on its own, but in keeping those bombs ready to explode, it feels the need to get an ambulance, just in case.

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Unclean Coal In Appropriations Bill

Given the huge public debt that is already being created in the name of economic stimulus, the last thing our government should be doing is providing handouts to coal companies. Yet, such wasteful handouts are included in the Omnibus Appropriations Act currently being considered by the U.S. Senate

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