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Recommended Downloads: Inkscape, Quick Zip

I love the tinkering spirit of the internet. Dissatisfied with gaps in software capabilities, or dismayed by the extravagant costs of corporate software, self-regulating groups write and improve their own programs and make them available to the world for free, for the joy of it.

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Libravox: Spend Nothing on the Ones You Love

Is it really the thought that counts? Then think about spending nothing on the ones you love this holiday season. They’ll thank you for it. Librivox is an open-source website containing thousands of audio recordings of books in the public domain. Volunteers read books aloud,

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Free Open Source Software for the Post-Crash Desperate

I know someone: a) whose computer just crashed b) who just switched over from Mac to Windows c) who is short on cash and can’t purchase software For that person, I’d recommend the following open source software: For Sound Editing: Audacity For Graphics Editing: GIMP

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