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55 to 8, 88 to 13, 12 to 15

Number of images of adult women featured in the April 2015 issue of Parents magazine: 55 Number of images of adult men featured in the April 2015 issue of Parents magazine: 8 Number of Parents staff listed on Page 6 with a woman’s first name:

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American Teenagers Riding A Hookah To Hell!

My attention was caught this morning by a headline from USA Today that read: “Some teens gravitate toward hookah use”. Whenever teenagers gravitate toward anything, you know it’s not good. A quick survey of teen gravitation leads me to the information that teenagers are gravitating

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Location Tracking Without A Warrant Gets Personal and Political

Governments big and small are tracking your whereabouts, most often without a warrant, with increasing frequency, and for reasons that are unnervingly personal and political. You may recall that last December, graduate student Christopher Soghoian caught representatives of Sprint-Nextel and Cricket on audio at a

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