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Another Month Gone Without Any Investigation of FBI Lawbreaking

This January, the FBI finally acknowledged that for years, it spied on Americans’ telephone calls without judicial warrants. The bureau gained access to the phone calls of everyday Americans, journalists and entire American news bureaus by claiming the existence of emergencies, telling stories about impending

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On Patrick Leahy’s Agenda: Pie

What Senate Judiciary Chair Patrick Leahy Has the Time to Announce in Committee There are two things I should note. One, I was a couple of minutes late coming in here. It was Senator Franken’s fault, because Mrs. Franken makes some of the greatest pies

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Which Congressional Leaders Speak Against Illegal FBI Spying?

If we are going to get a serious inquiry into the FBI’s invention of terrorist conspiracy stories in order to spy against Americans, we’re most likely to get that inquiry started by Representative Nadler, Senator Leahy or Senator Feingold. The remaining congressional Democratic leaders don’t seem to care enough about the integrity of Americans’ constitutional freedoms to raise a peep of opposition to the FBI abuses.

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No Senate Democratic Voices Against Patriot Act Abuses

Progressive Democrats now have a choice. They can: A) Agree to join their leaders in embracing the Republican politics of fear; or B) Speak out clearly to Democrats in the House and Senate that if the Patriot Act’s abuses are extended, progressive support for the Democratic Party will come to an end

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