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Roll Call: The Republicans Who Voted To Block Little Spending After They Approved Big Spending

Listed here are the names of the Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives who voted to block little spending on efficient travel infrastructure yesterday, but also voted to approve 26.8 billion dollars of big spending on inefficient travel infrastructure just a few months ago. […]

Roll Call: Members Of Congress Who Voted To Let Barack Obama Start A New War In Iraq Whenever He Wants To

The 40 U.S. representatives who voted against this resolution were in essence voting to allow Barack Obama, or any future president, to send the American military off to fight in Iraq all over again – even if the American people are opposed. […]

Pete Sessions, Caring About Humans Until They Are Born

John Stracke makes an excellent point in the Diaries: Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas makes a big deal about restricting women’s right to end a pregnancy; even well before an embryo has any cognition or heart beat, Sessions has voted for “equal protection” legislation that would make aborting such an embryo legally tantamount to murder. […]