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Biblical Literalists Know Less About Religion

Why don’t those Christians who believe that their Bible is the literal truth bother to educate themselves more about it? Religion is much, much bigger than just Christianity […]

Democrats Lead Among Seculars And Religious Independents

The Democratic Party would do well to show more appreciation for its solid non-Christian base of support. […]

Do Christians Know More About Atheism Than Atheists?

Do Christians know more about atheists than atheists themselves do? When it comes to the relationship between atheists and Christianity, ignorance is not mutual. […]

Atheists Know More About Religion Than Religious Believers Do

The results of the Pew Center’s U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey suggest that if people truly want Americans to become more religiously literate, the last thing they ought to do is to follow the example of Christian organizations. […]

Zeal for Torture Higher Among Churchy Americans

If Obama is seeking to create a base of political support using America’s churches, institutions that he used as campaign tools in 2008, then he can solidify that base by acting in support of torture. […]