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Americans Elect keeps saying it’s Not a Party in public, keeps arguing it Is a Party in private

We’ve seen it before from the 501c4 corporation seeking to run its own candidates for President. We’re seeing it again.

Kellen Arno being interviewed on WILS radio in Lansing, Michigan on September 16 2011:

Interviewer Michael Cohen: Now, I was told that you’re not really a party but a third ticket. Uh, is there no […]

Americans Elect Fibs about not being a Political Party again

Americans Elect Chief Operating Officer Elliot Ackerman and Americans Elect Board of Advisors member and Michael Bloomberg pollster Douglas Schoen appeared on the PBS NewsHour last night to insist that Americans Elect is not a political party:

JUDY WOODRUFF: Elliot Ackerman, to you first. Our political parties have been around since the birth of the […]

Florida State Law Mandates Full Citizen Participation in the Business of Americans Elect

Americans Elect wants to elect a President in 2012. You have the right to fully and meaningfully participate in its business.

On May 19 2011 the state of Florida sent Americans Elect a copy of a letter rejecting its application for status as a minor political party because of problems with its corporate bylaws as […]

While Americans Elect insists Publicly it is not a Political Party, it tells Florida it most certainly is a Party

In its effort to arrange the election of its very own U.S. presidential candidate in 2012, is Americans Elect a party or isn’t it?

Americans Elect insists to the public and the news media that it IS NOT a political party

“We are not a political party of any sort.” — Americans Elect Facebook page, […]

Americans Elect Bylaws Available in Searchable Full Text

Americans Elect is a section 501c4 corporation with a purpose of arranging the nomination and election of its own candidates for President and Vice President of the United States in 2012. In a positive step, Americans Elect has written out its bylaws. Unfortunately, Americans Elect has not shared these bylaws with the public on its […]

Americans Elect Special Interest Funder: Kirk T. Rostron, Hedge Fund Operator

Special Interest. Noun. an individual, group, or corporation having a special interest in usually a particular part of the economy and receiving or seeking through political pressure special advantages from the government often to the detriment of the general welfare — usually used in plural — Merriam Webster Third New International Dictionary

Americans Elect, the […]

With Blank Petition and Blank Petitioners, Americans Elect Raises Concern in Fresno

Americans Elect is a 501(c)4 corporation with aims to get on the 2012 ballot in all 50 states and to arrange the election of its own candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. Student journalists at Fresno City College’s RamPage newspaper report that the appearance of Americans Elect petition circulators on campus […]

Americans Elect files as political party in Florida

I am indebted to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News for his discovery that Americans Elect has filed papers to gain recognition in the state of Florida as a political party. As of today, the 2012 presidential contending group does not yet appear on the official list of approved political parties in Florida; barring any […]

Americans Elect Petition Drive Moves to California

Americans Elect has filed formal notice with the California Secretary of State that it is a political body attempting to qualify as a political party by collecting signatures in the state. This act renders the 501c4 corporation’s insistence to its Facebook friends that “we are not a political party of any sort” even more suspect, […]

Fact Check: Is Americans Elect “Not a Political Party of Any Sort?”

After half a year of inactivity, Americans Elect has updated its Facebook page. The 501c4 corporation, which has kept its funding sources secret since last October, plans to run its own candidates for President and Vice President in 2012, but is claiming that it is “not a political party of any sort:”

Is this […]

New Title for Kahlil Byrd: Party Coordinator of Americans Elect. So What?

In his time with the combined corporation and political party called Americans Elect, Kahlil Byrd has held a number of titles: Director, Treasurer, Secretary, Chief Operating Officer, Custodian of Records, and Consultant.

According to documents produced by the Michigan Secretary of State, Byrd has added a new title to his resume: “Party Coordinator”:

So […]