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Is Polyamory More Suitable When It Finds Religious Backing?

There is as a subset within Unitarian Universalism a group of people who are engaged in polyamorous relationships, or at least support the right of other people to be in such relationships. […]

The Anarchist Theory Under Which It's OK for Me to Cheat on Alicia

I loved reading the anarchist CWC’s treatise on why adultery is OK. Such choice entertainment! What’s my favorite bit? Well, gosh, it’s so hard to pick. The bit comparing monogamy to the exploitation of migrant workers is unforgettable. But really, the cherry on the sundae is the exclusive use of masculine gender (he, him, his) […]

Is Polyamory Possible? Podcasts and Research Seem to Say So. What Say You?

A month and a half ago, […]