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Guantanamo In Lithuania

Is this what Lithuania was liberated from the Soviet Union for – to serve as a site of secret detention camps for the United States outside of human rights laws? […]

Obama Administration Lies About Torture Photographs Yet Again!

The Obama White House is claiming that these kind of photographs just don’t exist. They’re claiming that they’re not trying to cover them up. They’re accusing a newspaper of lying in saying that these photographs exist. Now you have seen them too, and you can’t deny that they exist. […]

Jerrold Nadler Demolishes Obama Justification for Tribunals

How disappointing that President Obama has chosen fear over reason, for the sake of political expediency. How encouraging it is to see Representative Nadler challenge the Obama Administration, and continue to speak up for the cause of impartial justice. […]

Only Six Senators Stand Against Guantanamo

Only six members of the majority-Democrat Senator had the courage to take a stand against the long-running abuses of Guantanamo. Those abuses were not just against prisoners, but against the United States Constitution, our system of justice, and our own liberty as citizens. […]