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The Effect of a Lack of Trust

Time was, I paid a lot of attention to what Barack Obama said. I waited in line to attend his speeches and transcribed them so everyone could share in the knowledge of his plans. I showed up for meetings his staffers held on environmental issues, eager to disseminate his ideas on water policy for debate […]

Barack Obama Supports Big Brother Spying Powers Against Americans. Do You?

In effect, President Obama is now saying that he has no intention to reform the FISA Amendments Act, ever. Obama is saying that, if he is given a second term in office, he will keep George W. Bush’s attack on the Constitution in place, and that he’s happy to do so. […]

Take a Tally: has President Obama kept or tried to keep all his Campaign Promises?

A rather testy President Barack Obama insists he wants you to evaluate him. The President has told you what you’re going to find:

Take a tally. Look at what I promised during the campaign. There’s not a single thing that I’ve said that I would do that I have not either done or tried to […]

Another Month Gone Without Any Investigation of FBI Lawbreaking

This January, the FBI finally acknowledged that for years, it spied on Americans’ telephone calls without judicial warrants. The bureau gained access to the phone calls of everyday Americans, journalists and entire American news bureaus by claiming the existence of emergencies, telling stories about impending terrorist attacks that were completely false. These aren’t just violations […]

Would HRC Have Gotten Obama Speech Without National Equality March?

President Obama breaks his promises like most people break bread. Obama needs the open pressure of events like the National Equality March to force him to keep his promises. Meek begging in private hasn’t gotten the goods. […]

HRC Delivers a Standing Ovation for Barack Obama, Protesters Outside Are Indignant

Inside the Human Rights Campaign’s gala ceremony in Washington DC tonight, HRC head Joe Solmonese gushed over President Barack Obama and glossed over Obama’s past slams and slides regarding LGBT Americans and the discriminatory laws still in place against them. Indeed, in his speech Barack Obama himself was harder on Barack Obama than Joe Solmonese […]

Pretty Words Vs. Obama Reality

Hold on, President Obama is just finishing up a conversation with Chevron, and he’s almost ready to lead to end the dependence on fossil fuels, but he’s washing the dishes with some clean coal. […]

Obama Talks Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth

President Obama is sending his lawyers to court to defend George W. Bush and to assert the very same unconstitutional, totalitarian unitary executive balderdash that Democrats protested against just last year. […]

Skreened Tops CafePress in Sweatshop-Free Organic Baby Clothing

Back in February, a representative of CafePress assured us in conversations that dark American Apparel shirts would be coming up for sale in the late summer. In the early fall, maybe more American Apparel organic shirts would be coming up too.

Uh huh. We’ve been hearing that line from CafePress for years now. Such […]

Obama Forgets About Constitutional Rights

We’ve been waiting for almost an entire decade for Democrats to stand up on the Constitution, and if President Barack Obama with his strongly Democratic Congress can’t get the job done now, they will never get the job done. […]

Brownback God’s Blessing Where We Do All The Work

It’s ridiculous to claim that it doesn’t matter what Americans do, because God has America’s future all pre-arranged. It is equally ridiculous to assert that God is a great divine being who claims to direct the course of American history, but then lets the American people actually make the choices. […]