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The Culture Of Academic Book Covers

I have never understood why so many academic books have abstract, irrelevant pieces of artwork on their covers, when it would not be difficult to add a photograph or sketch related to the topic of the book.

This book, for example – The Cultures Of Work Organizations, by Harrison Truce and Janice Beyer – […]

Fund the GPO to Create Jobs and Accountability

When I hear politicians talk about the need for government programs to stimulate job creation, I think that they ought to start with the Government Printing Office. […]

Jewel of Medina, Freed from Cowardly Random House, Finds BeauFort

Last month I wrote about Random House’s craven decision to revoke its publication of the historical romance The Jewel of Medina on the grounds that some unknown terrorist somewhere might bomb someone after reading it and getting hypothetically homicidally upset. The new Random House rule: If It Might Miff a Muslim, Muffle it. Oddly enough, […]