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More Doubletalk From Obama Administration On Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Through several outlets today, the Obama White House signals that if anybody’s going to stick their neck out for equality, it’s not going to be Barack Obama. […]

FISA Amendments Act Has Failed Completely To Find Bin Laden

Robert Gates now admits that American spying programs have not brought any news of Osama Bin Laden’s whereabouts for years. The FISA Amendments Act and the Patriot Act have completely failed to bring in any up to date intelligence to help bring the mastermind of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. […]

Death Photo Kerfuffle Handled the Right Way by Gates and AP

In a teaser for an article this morning, Politico declares that Defense Secretary Robert Gates “says the AP’s transmission of a photograph showing a mortally wounded Marine is out of line.” That teaser upset me; I don’t believe it is the job of a government to declare photographs “in line” or “out of line,” and […]

Obama Admininistration Opposes AntiTorture Protection

The Obama Administration’s move to oppose the videotaping of interrogations is yet another instance of Obama’s overall effort to preserve the government secrecy that made widespread violations of the Constitution and international law possible. […]

Con Game Behind DDG 1000 Military Waste

The Pentagon increases a huge spending program by 50 percent, and then claims to be ending the program’s waste. The 2010 military budget proposed by the Obama Administration is full of little maneuvers like this. […]

Proposed Military Spending Increase

The research budget of the Littoral Combat Ship has ballooned from 856 million dollars to 2.1 billion dollars. Even as the first two ships are being deployed, not all of the ship’s “critical technologies” are described as “fully mature”. The Navy has also described the mere act of putting the Littoral Combat Ship into the water as a “major risk” to its design. How would you like to be sent out to sea on that ship in wartime? […]

Amidst Talk of Military Cuts, the War Budget Actually Gets Larger

Read David Swanson of After Downing Street, who does an admirably thorough job detailing the media reaction to Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ announcement of “cuts” to the military budget. Newspapers and cable news outlets have focused on Gates’ plan to cut funding for the F-22 fighter and the dovish-sounding statement by Gates that “Every defense […]

Obama Too Busy With War To Worry About The Rights Of Soldiers

Barack Obama’s justification might be more plausible if it weren’t the same argument that has been used to justify inequality in the military for an entire generation now. […]