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New Park in Rockland, Maine Celebrates Google Maps

“The brilliance of Google,” writes Owl Eyes Creative, “is that the company has grown to understand its users.” Part of understanding Google’s users is an understanding of where Google users live. Google has become an unrivaled expert at using the power of well-designed data mining

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The Gay-Unfriendly and Gay-Friendly Towns of Knox County, Maine

Planning a trip to midcoast Maine for next summer? If you’re half of a gay or lesbian couple, plan carefully. It’s unfortunate, but same-sex couples have to carefully consider whether they’ll be welcomed, cold-shouldered, harassed or even assaulted for the simple act of holding hands

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Sea Smoke in Maine

Click here for some beautiful pictures of “sea smoke” this week in 20-below-zero coastal Maine. If the temperature of water is quite a bit warmer than the temperature of air, then the tendency of water to evaporate is greater than the capacity of air to

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Wind Power in Maine Steps Forward, Haltingly

Short news on wind power in midcoast Maine: The Beaver Ridge wind project in Freedom, Maine has been completed, with three turbines erected to bring power to 2,000 homes. Residents of Jackson, Maine have approved plans for the town to proceed with talks with energy

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