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Americans Elect Ethical Lapses Must Be Addressed At 3rd Party Debate

If a question about Americans Elect is asked, it’s not likely to be a comfortable moment for many in the room, because a good number were tempted by the illusory offer by Americans Elect to serve as a channel for an alternative set of political candidates. […]

A Weak Week in Votes and Tweets for Americans Elect

As AE Transparency notes, another week has passed during which the Americans Elect presidential contenders have failed to attract enough supporters to qualify for the May 8 Americans Elect presidential primary ballot — the nation’s first-ever privatized all-online presidential nomination vote. Americans Elect set a fairly low standard for political insiders to gain ballot access […]

Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Stands Against Americans Elect

Today, Jill Stein, the strong front runner in the 2012 Green Party presidential primary, released the following statement, in which she pledges to abstain from all involvement in the Americans Elect political party. […]

Jill Stein Gains Ballot Access For Greens In New Mexico

Yesterday, Jill Stein announced that, in cooperation with the New Mexico Green Party, her campaign had successfully gathered more than enough signatures to get the Green Party on the ballot in New Mexico. She did so without accepting any corporate support. Jill Stein is showing that Rocky Anderson was wrong – an alternative presidential candidate does not need to run into the arms of big corporate money to gain ballot access. […]

NPR Audience Doesn’t Go With the Buddy Roemer Flow

As week after week after week passes, initial moderate flows of support to Americans Elect candidates have slowed to tepid streams and finally down to a meager trickle.

This past Saturday, AE Transparency compiled statistics on how close drafted and declared candidates in the Americans Elect system have come to reaching the ballot access […]

Corporate Compromise Fails To Pay Off For Rocky Anderson

Rocky Anderson has only 831 supporters on Americans Elect. 831 people, from across the entire United States of America. So, Rocky Anderson sold out to corporate America, and he failed to wrangle any political advantage out of the deal. That’s about the worst kind of campaign failure I can imagine. […]

Rocky Anderson Zombie Campaign Stumbles On After Americans Elect Suicide

There’s nothing more creepy than a political campaign that doesn’t know that it’s dead. That’s what’s happened to the Rocky Anderson for President campaign, though. He’s crossed over to the shadowy terrain of corporate politics, but he still thinks that he’s the same as he ever was. Rocky Anderson is like a zombie, shuffling and moaning, and trying to go through the motions, as if his campaign still has life in it, while everyone on the outside can see that it’s all over now. […]

What Rocky Anderson Could Say That Would Lead Me To Support His Americans Elect Presidential Bid

J. Clifford has started a pretty interesting conversation about Rocky Anderson’s decision to seek a presidential nomination under the banner of the no-disclosure, unlimited-big-money 501c4 corporation called Americans Elect. As J. Clifford points out, there’s no small irony in a candidate who rails against politics driven by secret donations of big corporate mystery money, then […]

Rocky Anderson Enters Ethics Quagmire With Americans Elect

Rocky Anderson’s supporters have said that it’s a terrible betrayal and a symptom of corruption when Barack Obama allows his campaign to use corporate money to get ahead. Now that Rocky Anderson is doing it, will his fans say that it’s okay? […]

Rocky Anderson A Presidential Candidate Of No Religion

What Rocky Anderson is willing to say, while Obama and the Republicans strike poses of conspicuous Christianity, is that a presidential candidate ought to be judged according to deeds, rather than religious creeds. […]

Rocky Anderson Presidential Campaign Promotes Separation Of Church And State

In an economy with high unemployment, Barack Obama’s support for religious discrimination in hiring is particularly cruel. Rocky Anderson, the Justice Party presidential candidate, supports the separation of church and state that Obama so casually casts off. […]