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Randall Terry Interview: Governments' Laws Must Follow the Bible. That's Theocracy.

Although Randall Terry’s announced anti-gay protest in Washington, DC fizzled on October 10, 2009, the man remains important to understand because of his past prominence and his ideological centrality for Christian fundamentalist movements. For two decades, Randall Terry and his Operation Rescue were central to activist efforts against women’s legal right to have an abortion. [...]

Randall Terry Operation Rescue Anti-Gay Protest Fizzles (Video)

Randall Terry and his Operation Rescue called for anti-gay Americans to descend on Washington, DC on October 10, 2009 for a protest against lesbian and gay marriage in Mount Vernon Square. The call was propogated by news organizations like Reuters, AP, PR Newswire, Forbes, and it shot across the right-wing websites like Free Republic.

I [...]

Take Action: Call for Marriage Equality in Maine on Sept. 27

No matter where you live, if you would like to do your bit to help Maine in its effort to keep same-sex marriage legal this year, consider signing up to take a 2 hour shift placing phone calls to Mainers on Sunday, September 27. It’s my understanding from listening to the folks in the Vote [...]

Choices: Diocese of Portland would Rather Fight Gays Than Save Churches

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland has $100,000. What to do with that money?

Choice A: Remedy a $48,000 deficit in the Biddeford Parish, save three churches there from closing, and establish a $52,000 financial security fund for the parish in the future.

Choice B: Close those three churches down and spend the money on [...]

Standing on the Neck of Truth: Lying to Prevent Maine Equality

You’ve got to hand it to “Stand for Marriage,” the group organizing a media campaign to repeal the legality of same-sex marriage in Maine, just for its pluck. You’ve got to hand it to Stand for Marriage just for its pluck. It takes pluck to name yourself “Stand for Marriage” when you’re advocating to oppose [...]

National Equality March, Washington DC, October 11 2009 — with Congressional Organizing to Boot

The National Equality March is scheduled for Sunday October 11 in Washington, DC — and friends, it doesn’t take a psychic to predict that this is going to be big. Equality under the law, promised by the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, has been a long time coming for same-sex couples. But marriage [...]

Mark Sanford, Governor of Black Pots and Kettles

“The bottom line is that he lied under a different oath -the oath to his wife.” — Republican Congressman Marshall Clement “Mark” Sanford on politics and the sanctity of marriage, 1998

Question: “Should South Carolina restrict marriage to a union only between a man and a woman?” Answer: “Yes” — Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Sanford, [...]

Catholic Online Places Marriage in Quotes as Church Membership moves toward the So-Called

When Kathleen Gilbert reports on the passage of same-sex marriage legislation in New Hampshire for the reporting organ Catholic Online, she places the word marriage in quotes every time it is used in reference to same-sex couples and without quotes every time it is used in accordance with Catholic strictures. The point: if it isn’t [...]

Listen in as Maine Debates Same-Sex Marriage

Today, the Maine State Legislature is holding hearings on LD 1020, a bill “To End Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom.”

The hearings are going on, right now, and all Mainers have been invited to testify. Listen in here.

God Punishes Sodomites of Iowa With Warm Air and Sunshine

“God Cannot Be Mocked,” we were reminded yesterday after posting an April Fools Day conversion. Mock God and there will be consequences! What kind of consequences? Well, prominent John McCain endorser John Hagee proclaims weather to be an instrument of God’s judgment against gay people, except when the hurricanes miss the gay people and kill [...]

Race and Homophobia: In the Congress, It's a NOT-Black Thing

In California’s last election, the passage of Proposition 8 barring same-sex marriage equality was made possible for many reasons, including the meddling of Roman Catholic and Mormon religious leaders, but also in part by the disproportionate support of black voters, leading to dismayed November 5 reactions like this:

I am feeling the same bittersweet feeling [...]