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Three Quarters Of Obama Advisory Meetings Are Made Secret

Most of the federal advisory committee meetings held with agencies of the Obama Administration took place in secret, excluding members of the public who wished to attend. […]

Senate Hides Behind Voice Vote To Make Your Life Transparent

You know what irks me the most about yesterday’s Senate vote to reauthorize Patriot Act Provisions without a single, solitary reform?

Oh, there are so many contenders. But right now, what irks me the most about this decision was that it was made without a moment of public debate on the Senate floor, passed by […]

What Does Document Censored By Obama Justice Say?

We would seek an alteration in subsection 22 of section A, inserting the word “pretty” in front of the word “please”, and further inserting the phrase “with a cherry on top”. […]

Freedom of No Information From Obama

The Obama White House says it won’t share the records of which executives it met with – just as Bush and Cheney wouldn’t share the records of its own meetings. […]

A Nation of Freedom or a Nation of Soldiers?

In Marsha Blackburn’s vision, the United States of America is a nation of soldiers, not a nation of freedom. That the Democratic President of the United States seems to agree with her makes me feel profoundly unsafe. […]

Obama Secrecy, Heralded Elsewhere

… Irregular Times News Digest … May 13 2009 …

No Detainee Photo Release: Pictures Make Government Look Bad

In breaking news today out of Washington, DC, President Barack Obama and his aides announced that, despite a federal court for the release of dozens of photographs of the ill-treatment of U.S. Government detainees, the photographs […]

Obama Open Govt. Just Pretty Talk At FBI

If Barack Obama wants the government to do better, now is the time he needs to make it happen. He has no one to blame but himself for the fact that his promises are being broken. […]

Obama and Clinton, Release the Binyam Mohamed Torture Report

When I tell you that the United States may have tortured a person it has indefinitely detained at its Guantanamo Bay facility in Cuba, what do you think?

Does what you think change when I tell you that his detention is based on a confession he made in a Moroccan prison under torture and on […]

Newly Disclosed Torture Memo Remains Unreleased

Almost all of the 18 pages of the memo remain censored, and with that much material withheld, it’s impossible to say for sure what the memo really told government interrogators to do to their prisoners. […]

CIA To Turn Over Torture Tape Documents, But Torture Tapes Are Gone

If you’re a government agent, and you’re afraid that the friends of the prisoners that you torture will come attack you and your family in revenge, then there’s a simple way to prevent the problem: Don’t torture the prisoners in the first place. […]