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December 25 secular holiday

7 Alternatives To Christmas For December 25

Christmas has become politicized. This year, Christmas is not a simple, inoffensive cultural practice that all Americans can agree upon (in fact, it never was). The more zealous right wing politicians like Donald Trump use their trumped up claims of a War On Christmas to

Protest Sign: I'm Good Without a God

On June 4 2016, DC Rallies for Reason

Do you think it’s possible to be good without believing in a god? Do you think our nation’s policies should be grounded in empirical evidence? Do you support the separation of church and state? If so, there’s a political demonstration in Washington, DC that stands

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Safe Haven For Emerging Secular Americans

My earliest memories of religion are experiences with harassment. Living in communities where Christianity was the norm, I was openly nontheist when I was young. Other people didn’t want me to be that way. I got nasty notes in my locker telling me to accept

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