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Obama Administration Refuses To Talk About Discrimination Funded By Faith Based Initiatives

Joshua Dubois, Barack Obama’s director of a program to funnel government money to churches, to pay for their employment discrimination, refuses to talk to Americans who are asking for a restoration of separation of church and state. So, why should Americans who support separation of church and state give their support to Barack Obama’s presidential re-election campaign this year? [...]

Disunity Defines Spiritual Experiences

A survey of spiritual experiences suggests that the concept of “God” is peripheral to the actual experience of the religious realm for most people… if it’s related at all. [...]

Secular Activists: Let’s Make Rick Santorum Vomit

Let’s send letters to Santorum, with no other content than the message, “Mr. Santorum, I support the separation of church and state.” Every time he reads one of these letters, Santorum will get the urge to puke. [...]

Is Religious Discrimination In Adoption Okay?

The religious groups advocating for this law say that they need it to protect their First Amendment freedom of religion. Of course, the groups would be using government money to punish people for their religious beliefs. [...]

Rocky Anderson A Presidential Candidate Of No Religion

What Rocky Anderson is willing to say, while Obama and the Republicans strike poses of conspicuous Christianity, is that a presidential candidate ought to be judged according to deeds, rather than religious creeds. [...]

Rocky Anderson Presidential Campaign Promotes Separation Of Church And State

In an economy with high unemployment, Barack Obama’s support for religious discrimination in hiring is particularly cruel. Rocky Anderson, the Justice Party presidential candidate, supports the separation of church and state that Obama so casually casts off. [...]

Kansas House Speaker Presents Test Of The Power Of Prayer

Schlingensiepen and McCollough are themselves pursuing a nasty path of Christian theocracy as they state that it is unacceptable for anyone in public office to “abuse” the Bible, to cite their holy text in a way that they don’t approve of. That’s establishing a religious test for public office, which is specifically prohibited by the Constitution. [...]

Religion Mixed Much More Into Obama Campaign Than Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson Campaigns

In 2012, Barack Obama’s campaign is once again filled with efforts to make American electoral politics a matter of religion. Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson are almost completely leaving religion out of their presidential campaigns. [...]

Gingrich Wants To Imprison Judges Who Refuse To Force Religion In Schools

The ruling made perfect sense to those Americans who are familiar with the First Amendment of the Constitution. Newt Gingrich, however, thinks it’s an outrage that public schools aren’t used to promote Christianity on the public dime. So, he wants Judge Biery hauled off to prison. [...]

Krampus for President Campaign Pledges Separation Of Church And State

The way he’s acting these days, I expect Obama to install a giant crucifix on the White House roof, instead of those solar panels that he promised a while ago. They seem to think that the 2012 presidential election is a contest over who loves Jesus the most. Heck, I’m from Austria, and even I know that’s not the American way. [...]

Obama Supports Forcing Atheists’ Kids To Pledge Oaths To God

Americans who support freedom of religion believe that it ought to be the decision of parents whether to introduce their children into religious rituals. This week, Barack Obama said that he doesn’t agree with that. Obama believes that the federal government, not parents, should decide when American children will proclaim religious oaths. [...]