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The Religious Test for S. 1598 and H.R. 2802

There are many right-wing Christian thinkers in America who support the Republican congressional bills S. 1598 and H.R. 2802, which would allow a government worker to use the power of his or her office to withhold services and legal rights from people, so long as the government worker proclaims

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In “Slut” Debacle, Rush Limbaugh Reflects Us

It would be nice to be able to say that Rush Limbaugh is an outlier for shouting “slut!” at a woman who dared to testify regarding contraceptive coverage policy on Capitol Hill. But I don’t think I can honestly say that. I just finished a

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Sure You Want Religious Marriage Standards? Consider the Salvation Army

As protests against the passage of Proposition 8 continue, broadening from rallies and demonstrations to boycotts of companies that opposed marriage equality, it is worth considering the argument of the opposition. Religious opponents of same-sex marriage rights (including the Catholic and Mormon churches heavily funding

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McCain Opposes Equal Rights For His Chief of Staff

John McCain ought to be aware by now that many of the people he works with are not heterosexual. Yet, McCain seems to have no compassion for them, or respect for their rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. That’s the real scandal, not what Mark Buse chooses to do for pleasure during his few short hours off duty.

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