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Democratic Party Excuses In A Bumper Sticker

If I were inclined to design a bumper sticker to appeal to today’s Democrat, I’d make something with another slogan: In the place of Question Authority the sticker would read, Give Authority More Time. […]

Wilkins Ice Bridge Breaks

Waters in the area will increase in temperature at a faster rate, and transfer some of that increased temperature to ice melting on nearby land. The Wilkins Ice Shelf will also no longer serve as a physical block on ice flowing into the sea from the Antarctic continent and islands close by. […]

A Higher Standard For Obama

This executive order suggests that President Obama is earnest in attempting to reduce the control of federal offices by corporate plants who are working for the Executive Branch in name only. […]

Faith-Based Bailout

In the Senate vote yesterday that attempted to block the additional spending of 350 billion dollars in big corporate bailouts, there were the following Democrats who had the strength to critically examine the incoming President and defy the Democratic Senate leadership. […]

CBSExxonMobil News

What does it mean for a CBS News article to be presented to us by ExxonMobil, the big oil company? […]

Sarah Palin, Ed Kalnins and Mind Control Connection For Real?

Whether or not the signature on this petition is for real, it wouldn’t be very surprising if Ed Kalnins really was found to be afraid of invisible electronic mind control rays from secret government agents. […]

Beware The Rush To Put America 700 Billion More In Debt

If there really is such a rush, and if the consequences of Wall Street failure are truly so monumental, why don’t those individuals who will benefit from the government bailout pay for the scheme? Why not pass the legislation – along with a special investment income tax that will provide the money to make the deal work? […]