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Repeat After Me: Let's Ban People, Then

Who’s writing? What’s the problem? Anthony Schnotala, Hickory Corners MI, March 8 2013: “It’s not the guns that are the problem, it is the people.” Ann Wood, paraphrasing Rupert Bankert, Provincetown MA, March 1 2013: “Guns aren’t the problem, people are.” Sydney Manning, Springfield VA,

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It's In Their DNA: Environmentalist Borg Salesmen from Maine

While trying to find conference reports, presentations or minutes from this week’s Energy Ocean 2009 Conference on renewable tidal, wind and wave energies, I came across this piece of copy advocating for Maine coastal energy initiatives. “It’s In Our DNA?” State funding for technology research

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American Oil Is Just As Dirty

Watch out whenever you hear the phrase dependence on foreign oil – it’s a signal that someone is trying to change the subject away from our nation’s real economic and environmental needs.

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