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Go Volotic

The user makes loops of the sort that one might hear in the background of a video game by placing icons on a grid, and hurling balls of musical mojo at them.

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Would Mother Nature Move You Through A Purchase Funnel?

Mother Nature Network – it sounds like a warm and friendly, huggy and human kind of place – the sort of news web site that might hand you a warm, freshly-baked gluten-free cookie when you visit. It’s a web site that celebrates the “Joy of

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Instagram? What’s The Big Deal?

Help me, please, because I’m feeling pretty clueless about this. Instagram has gotten into the news, bigtime, because it was just bought by Facebook. As a result, people are worried that Instagram is going to change, or be destroyed, and are snapping it up in

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Beat Cabin Fever With Online Geometry Software and Projects

Is your family snowbound in Saskatchewan? Heatbound in Gila Bend? Stave off cabin fever in entertaining and educational fashion with some geometry activities that are free of charge and available at the mere tapping of your fingers. HyperGami offers a series of colorful projects to

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Free Open Source Software for the Post-Crash Desperate

I know someone: a) whose computer just crashed b) who just switched over from Mac to Windows c) who is short on cash and can’t purchase software For that person, I’d recommend the following open source software: For Sound Editing: Audacity For Graphics Editing: GIMP

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Slimy Breeding Fun On Your Desktop

Swimbots is a bit like SimLife, but it seems to work better. It’s just as addictive, in that it creates little simulated living things with a genetic makeup that determines their structural function and behavior, gives them a food source, and lets them go.

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