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GSA Scandal vs. Military Scandal

I would prefer to see the U.S. government pay for clowns to perform silly shows on stage than to see the U.S. military pay for soldiers to keep clowning around with human body parts.

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Steve Scalise Doesn't Want Troops Used For Radical Missions

If Representative Scalise is truly upset at soldiers being used as “human shields”, then he ought to do something to stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, where thousands of soldiers have died, and hundreds of thousands have served as human shields for the foreign policies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

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Why Expand The Military Now?

Recruiting standards have fallen dramatically. Dropouts and delinquents on the one hand, and middle-aged newcomers on the other hand, have been filling in the gaps. Trying to find 749,000 new soldiers will require lowering standards even further – and that won’t make the nation more secure.

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Yet Another Military Cheat Against Soldiers

Let this be yet another warning to any high school kids who are thinking of joining the military after graduation this spring. The recruiter you know may be making lots of promises about the benefits you’ll receive, but the military has a way of not keeping its promises.

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