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Republican Robots About To Invade Cape Girardeau

Whatever the truth is, we know a couple of things for certain: 1) This robot army doesn’t appear to be from Missouri 2) The onslaught of “robocalls” for Jason Smith is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 3, and continue into Tuesday, June 4. […]

Robin Kelly Appears Unconcerned About Environmental Issues

Her disregard for environmental concerns on the campaign trail suggests that at best, Robin Kelly would have little to contribute on environmental issues. At worst, she may turn out to be another Democratic politician who is willing to support the fossil fuel industry’s polluting “All Of The Above” policy of continuing the drilling for and burning of methane and crude oil. […]

Sarah Palin Pushes Moderation Out Of The GOP

Could Sarah Palin do to the Republican Party in general what she just did to the Republican Party in the 23rd congressional district in New York? If so, we may be in for a particularly dangerous presidential election in 2012. […]

Democrat Bill Owens Swerves To The Right Of GOP Opponent

Dede Scozzafava, like the majority of New York State residents, says she supports the legalization of same-sex marriage. Democrat Bill Owens is joining the Conservative Party candidate to run to the right of the Republican candidate. […]