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Photo Proves Obama Birth Certificate Was Faked!

This photograph not only contains evidence of the forgery of Obama’s Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth, it also indicates that Obama was born in Kenya as Obama’s mother was on the Hajj, the Muslim holy pilgrimage to Mecca. […]

Communism And Barack Obama Is An Easy Read

I suggest to people who are tempted by these arguments that they read the book Young Stalin by Simon Sebag Montefiore. It’s a well-written account of the life of Stalin before the Bolshevik Revolution that created the Soviet Union. […]

New Barack Obama Conspiracy: Tinky-Winky Love Child?

There’s a fair amount of talk in Republican Party circles that Barack Obama must really and truly be the son of Malcolm X, because Republicans keep encountering pictures of Barack Obama in the checkout line, and a few of them saw the movie Malcolm X once, and to their eyes Barack Obama and Malcolm X […]