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The 47 Gutless Democrats Who Caved In To Republican Xenophobia, Obstructing Help To Victims Of The Islamic State

Take note, Democratic voters. These craven Democratic politicians do not deserve your votes. They have surrendered to the Republican agenda of fear. […]

Only 3 of 23 Transparency Caucus members support bill against Secret Law

When the Congressional Transparency Caucus was founded on May 10 2011, it published a mission statement that declared the beliefs of the caucus. Some excerpts:

Transparency in government is crucial to our democracy because our government derives its power from the informed consent of the governed. We believe:

1. The American people have the right […]

77 Democrats Sacrifice Medicare To Protect Military Spending

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 as passed by the House of Friday preserves spending on extravagant weapons program that the Pentagon says it doesn’t want. It keeps open redundant military bases that are not strategically necessary. The money to pay for this wasteful military spending is being taken from older Americans, by reducing their health care benefits. […]

Will Cutting Retirement Funds Stop Lobbying By Former Members Of Congress?

Yesterday, U.S. Representative Steve Israel introduced H.R. 5737, legislation that would remove federal retirement benefits for any “former Member of Congress receiving compensation as a highly-paid lobbyist”. Many former members of Congress, such as Newt Gingrich, make a killing using their connections as lobbyists to help corporate clients get special access, so that laws may […]

List of the 163 Democrats Who Spent Time Promoting Theocracy Instead Of Creating Jobs

163 Democrats in Congress couldn’t work on a jobs bill this week because they were too busy helping Republicans pass a resolution pushing Christian religion onto everybody. […]

Obama Opposes Democracy for Democrats in NY

Other Democrats are still considering challenging Gillibrand. Let’s see if they can withstand President Obama’s push to have the Democratic Party keep its hold on power by appointments rather than through elections. […]