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Intercollegiate Studies Institute Civics Test Flunks Out

“Americans Don’t Know Civics,” flatly declares the USA Today headline. Agence France Presse and Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker dutifully follow suit, passing on the press release of the “Intercollegiate Studies Institute.” Americans are expected to recoil, recoil! at the following fact points:

More than 2/3 of those surveyed earned a failing grade on a […]

Federal and State Governments Keep Asking Terrorists to Check This Box

Nearly two years ago, as a condition of her continued employment at a state university, my wife was asked by the State of Ohio Department of Homeland Security to check a box to indicate whether she was a member of al Qaeda or one of 132 other listed terrorist organizations. That’s right, buckaroos: the state […]

Texas Democrats Shun Atheists, Libertarians Talk

I don’t like much of what the Libertarian Party stands for. However, in Texas, the Libertarians look like the closest thing to an opportunity at fair representation that an atheist can get. […]

Only Nader Responds To Atheist Survey

A point in Nader’s favor: The other campaigns apparently don’t think that atheists are worth speaking with, even in terms of important political issues. […]