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Hutaree Believed USA A Christian Nation

The flags you see in this picture are flags they created to represent that Christian nation. The flag on the bottom contains the Hutarees’ military insignia, featuring a crucifix in the shape of a dagger plunging downward. [...]

Private Prayer Breakfast Led By International Extremists

Whatever Barack Obama Obama’s intentions, he is providing the extremist International Foundation with the implicit support of the White House by attending the National Prayer Breakfast this morning. [...]

God Given Rights Lead To Arbitrary Theocracy

I propose that, instead of following Dan Lungren’s model of arbitrary theocracy by cosmic law, we comply with the laws of our land as written by human beings through the human mechanisms of a government accountable to human beings. [...]

Steve King Babbles Against Non-Christian And Non-English Speakers

Steve King may be able to do a little historical name-dropping, but the ability to merely name an Age of Reason or an Age of Enlightenment is not identical to the ability to be reasonable or enlightened. [...]

Government Pushes Religion, Then Claims It’s Not Mixing Church And State

Even as the group claims that the phrases don’t violate the First Amendment’s ban on government establishment of religion through Congress, they celebrate the exclusive religious beliefs that these phrases support. [...]

Senate Chaplain Uses Fort Hood Shootings To Promote His Religion

Chaplain Black wasn’t consoling anybody. He was using a multiple murder to continue to push the idea that the USA could become a Christian theocracy, beseeching his deity to control the thoughts of the US senators before him, to “imbue their minds with Your vision of what we can become when we seek first to do Your will.” [...]

Why Do Christian Fundamentalists Need To Run For Congress To Create Government Under God?

Aspiring theocrats like Darrell Day actually don’t believe in the God they keep on preaching about. What they believe in is the power of government, which is why they pursue it so fervently. [...]

14 Americans Killed Fighting To Defend Corrupt Afghan Government

It’s an Islamic theocracy that doesn’t respect the human rights of its citizens. American efforts to prop up this government have resulted in large numbers of deaths among Afghan civilians, further inflaming anti-American anger. [...]

Chaplain Barry C. Black Promotes Theocracy In The Senate

There exists within the United States Senate a government funded office of theocracy which organizes Christian worship sessions in the Senate, directs senators’ interpretations of the Christian Bible, instructs senators on how to apply Christian doctrine to legislative activity, declares that the Christian God is the sovereign ruler of the United States, and proclaims that the “separation of God and State” will not be tolerated in the Senate. [...]

Marc Mutty On Leave? Salary of SFMM Director Still Paid by Roman Catholic Church

Until June of this year, Marc Mutty’s job title was Director of Public Affairs for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland. Then his job title switched, and he became the Chair of Stand for Marriage Maine, a group trying to make same-sex marriage against the law in Maine. News reports consistently describe Marc Mutty as [...]

Randall Terry Interview: Governments’ Laws Must Follow the Bible. That’s Theocracy.

Although Randall Terry’s announced anti-gay protest in Washington, DC fizzled on October 10, 2009, the man remains important to understand because of his past prominence and his ideological centrality for Christian fundamentalist movements. For two decades, Randall Terry and his Operation Rescue were central to activist efforts against women’s legal right to have an abortion. [...]