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Fact Check: Mary Landrieu’s Montara Oil Spill Figure

Like several of my colleagues have said, I think it’s important for us to really examine the facts, and to try to seek the truth relative to the benefits and, um, the risk associated with energy production. I particularly like the term “stewardship,” and I believe that stewardship actually begins with presenting facts in a […]

Bikinis Oil Up For Protest Against Timor Sea Oil Spill

Another fossil fuel leak has been taking place on another offshore drilling rig just 50 nautical miles away from the Montara rig which has been the source of the major oil spill. The gas leak has been going on for about seven weeks, without the public being informed. […]

Vote Exxon-Romney 2012?

Now, drilling company PTTEP says it won’t even try to plug the leak causing the oil spill this weekend. Instead, it will just go and gather information about the leak. […]

Indonesian Harvest Ruined By Oil Spill

Who’s going to help the Rote Islanders, now that offshore drilling has ruined their economy? Who’s going to help Americans when offshore drilling causes oil spills close to their shores? […]

Incompetent Offshore Drilling Delays Fix Of Oil Spill Yet Again

Oil drilling companies lack the competent control of their equipment that would be required to keep our seas and shores protected from massive oil spills of the sort now spewing out of control in the Timor Sea. […]

Emaciated Dolphins Suggest Ecological Disaster In Timor Sea Oil Spill

In spite of its responsibility for the Timor Sea oil spill, and its inability to stop the spill from continuing in spite of three attempts with its most advanced technology, PTTEP Australasia was just awarded the right to drill in several new locations in Australian waters. The company now has Australian government permission to conduct just the same sort of operations that led to the Timor Sea spill in the first place. […]

Effort To End Timor Sea Oil Spill Delayed

It turns out that the results of only one of many tests of marine life were publicly released. The one report that was released was based only on tests of four fish collected from the thousands of square miles of oil covered waters. Furthermore, those four fish were frozen before testing, which made it impossible to perform the most reliable test of oil contamination. […]

Oil Spill in Timor Sea Disaster Could Be Much More Than Claimed

The Australian government had been accepting PTTEP claims about the extent of the Timor Sea oil spill without critically examining them, even though experts at Geoscience Australia, a government agency, indicate that the oil spill could be five times as large as the PTTEP estimate. […]

Inept Oil Drilling Company Botches 3rd Try To Stop Massive Spill

The third attempt to fix the huge oil leak in the Timor Sea has failed. PTTEP Australasia won’t be able to even begin a fourth try until four days from now. […]

Offshore Oil Drilling Disaster Continues

In other oil spill news, it turns out that the Black Rose a leaking sunken tanker off the coast of the state of Orissa in India was operating under forged documents when it went down. […]

Indonesians Contradict Australian Claims Oil Spill Doing Little Harm

Indonesian fishermen report seeing large numbers of dead animals, including fish floating on the surface and marine mammals. One fisherman reports that his catch of red kakaps (a large kind of fish that is one of the species called “red snapper” in English) has diminished to just 5 percent of his ordinary catch. […]