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No Democrats (and No Trump) at the Knox County Fair

Every year I make it to the Union Fair held in Central Maine. There’s always something a little different; this year $5 earns you a chance to drive in a demolition derby, and there’s a country cover of “Tainted Love” playing over the speakers. When

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Fair Sightings

A politically-strained civil libertarian’s got to relax, too.  What better place than the county fair?? Oh, dear.  There’s surveillance here, too.  Even royalty are not immune. Lies!  That clearly is lettering.  But it is nice to know I could just take it if I wanted

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In 2013, Parties Abandon the Union Fair

In 2010, Democrats set up an unstaffed table in a shed with a few pieces of literature at the Union Fair in Knox County, Maine. Republicans paid for a prominently-placed tent, a tied-together tarp which was consistently staffed and which sold sweatshop-made promotional material. In

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