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Unitarian Universalist Education Teaches Kids To Avoid Deep Thinking About Religion

The lesson encourages teachers to “mention” a well-known quote from the 21st chapter of the Book of Exodus without explaining what the rest of that chapter in the Book of Exodus teaches. […]

Quincy and Charleston Unitarian Universalists Continue Pattern Of Christian Dominance

These UU congregations all promote one particular religion – Christianity – over all others, in just about the same ratio. There’s not just a lack of diversity within Unitarian Universalist congregations. There also seems to be a lack of diversity between congregations. Unitarian Universalism insists that it isn’t promoting any creed, but these results show that it is promoting a particular creed – a special blend consisting mostly of Christianity, with a drop of Buddhism mixed in. […]

Biggest UU Congregation Reflects UUA Christian Dominance

In Tulsa’s local version of Unitarian Universalism, I found the very same problem I’ve seen elsewhere. Unitarian Universalism claims to be diverse, and claims to be welcoming, but when non-Christians walk through the door, they find themselves left in a corner, ignored at best, and often belittled. […]

The Growth Of Totalitarian Unitarian Universalism

Unitarian Universalism won’t stop its membership decline by retreating into the comfortable impulse to conformity that is traditional to religion. Individualism is not the disease of our time. […]

Unitarian Universalists, What’s The Difference Between Christianity And A World Religion?

Unitarian Universalism, while it claims to have no creed, has in fact settled into a bland version Christianity, with a little Judaism thrown in now and then, with little but assertions of acceptance for the rest of the human experience. Unitarian Universalist congregations are not only lacking in diversity, they’re lacking in energy. […]

Is Polyamory More Suitable When It Finds Religious Backing?

There is as a subset within Unitarian Universalism a group of people who are engaged in polyamorous relationships, or at least support the right of other people to be in such relationships. […]

If Marriage Laws are Religiously Based, Government Chooses Between Religions

A fair number of Americans are justifying marriage discrimination against gay and lesbian people by making references to their religious beliefs. Take fundamentalist Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, who recently sent this message to sympathetic Maine churches from his post in Washington, DC, urging them to ban same-sex marriage in the state:

Since […]