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Oceans Warming Up

Increases in ocean temperatures have been associated in large shifts in fisheries production, an increase in the number and extent of harmful algal blooms, and a surge in dead zones.

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Israeli Bombing of UN School Exposes the Blundering of War

When Israel’s leaders ought to be apologizing for the attack on the United Nations school, and pausing their military operations in order to take stock of their strategic blunder, they are continuing along the same path that led to the school bombing, and even justifying the attack as a necessary consequence of a just cause.

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United Nations Climate Change Conference Starts Today

Climate news for your monday morning cup of coffee: – A United Nations summit working toward an international agreement to work against climate change begins today and lasts through December 12. The agreement is supposed to be created in its final form by this time

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Ban Ki Moon Babbles Idiocy On Fitna and Freedom

Somebody, eventually, is going to host the Fitna movie online, so that people can see it and judge its value for themselves. If I get the chance, I’ll watch it, and make up my own mind about its content.

I may well find it to be a crude, ignorant, ugly film. That doesn’t mean I’ll join calls for its censorship.

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