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Libertarian Vegetables

If you believe government agents are out to get you by having you eat supermarket vegetables, well, I suppose that heirloom vegetable seeds may appeal to you as well.

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White House Garden Gets More Green

If every American family could take garden of a 20 foot square plot of ground that is now taken up a lawn, our country would go a long way toward solving both its economic and its environmental problems.

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Obamas Will Eat The View

The real victory will come if more Americans follow the Obamas’ example, and plant vegetable gardens of their own – to benefit the environment by cutting down on pollution, to benefit the economy by creating a real investment with a real return, and to benefit the nation’s health, by getting some good fresh food into Americans’ bellies.

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Eat the View Update

It looks like the people behind Eat The View have a long way to go before the Obama Administration will begin to recognize and implement its important ideas on the reintegration of food into the everyday American landscape.

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Eat the View In April?

If the Obamas are actually going to put in a vegetable garden on the White House grounds, they ought to do so in a way that shows how ordinary people can garden in a way that works – not by installing elaborate systems that attempt to defy natural weather conditions.

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