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Dichotomize This! Two Days Until Election Day 2008. What is Our Choice?

I’m looking for versus verses. It’s two days now until Election Day. 48 hours from now most of the election returns for the presidential, senatorial, gubernatorial and house elections will be in and we’ll be wading through results, either trying to figure out what the mish-mash means or reeling from the overwhelming one-sided mandate of […]

Talking in Line, 10/10/08 Columbus Barack Obama Rally: Nader or Obama?

The following is a transcription of a conversation I had with two women from Zanesville, Ohio I met in line for the October 10, 2008 rally featuring Barack Obama in Columbus, Ohio. They wish to remain anonymous.

Jim Cook: I’m Jim Cook and I’m with Irregular Times and I’m here on October 10, 2008, and […]