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Evangelist’s Prediction of Mass Arson Flickers Out

In March of 2009, Christian evangelist David Wilkerson shared a message from the Holy Spirit, reiterating an old prophecy of flaming American doom that was “about to happen” thanks to (yes) the gays:

I am compelled by the Holy Spirit to send out an urgent message to all on our mailing list, and to friends […]

Middle Earth Tree Worship Vindicated: Ent Appears in Boreal Vision

Millions of religious adherents around the world express a sense of vindication every time something that looks to them like the Virgin Mary appears on a garage door or an oil tanker or a potato chip or a piece of wood or flaking paint or an oyster shell.

If our perception of the image of […]

Vision of the Virgin Mary Appears on Sign in Coastal Maine

You know, I wouldn’t have noticed it at first glance, but upon studying the image I believe I see an image of the Virgin Mary on this Yes on 1 road sign located off Route 1 in coastal Maine:

You can see her if you look very carefully. Also Joseph and Baby Jesus, too. […]

Will We Be Aware Enough To See?

Only when we build awareness of the importance of awareness will we become aware of the risks of not being aware. […]

Love Mail: Turn the World Around 360 Degrees on a Daily Basis

Larry writes in with a piece of love mail (really, sincerely not hate mail at all), gently guiding us into a spin:

You have really lost your way,what starts out as something that seems so right turns 360 degrees and heads entirely in another direction.I started out with your way of thinking and than i […]

Noodle Theology: Ramenayana

The Divine lately has sending its messages to humanity through carbohydrates. The implications of this are astounding. We should be paying closer attention to the food we eat, and not just looking for pictures of the Virgin Mary or Jesus. That would fall into the methodological trap of selection bias: if you only look for […]

The Virgin Mary Burned My Eyeballs! It’s a Miracle!

What’s a little photochemical burn in your eyeballs, after all, compared to a moment’s vision of the mother of Jesus? If you really believe a whole lot, you’ll go stare at the sun all afternoon while standing in a bucket of ice cubes, holding vines of poison ivy in your hands. […]