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Sea Level Rise Of About 50 Feet Predicted

Already, we have ignored global warming for too long to save Washington D.C. from sea level rise. How much more of the United States are we willing to sacrifice to the ocean waves, just because we’re too lazy to change our dependence on machines to replace every bit of human work?

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D.C. Marriage Equality Tomorrow!

Right wing religious groups are extremely eager to tell anyone who will listen that their god, an all-powerful supernatural being, does not approve of same-sex marriage. But then, if this god is truly omnipotent, and really doesn’t want same-sex couples to get married, why doesn’t

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Separate and Unequal America Under Obama Anti-Gay Agenda

The consensus in favor of recognizing same-sex marriages is rapidly expanding. President Obama is on the wrong side of a significant historical shift, and the time is running out for him to make a plausible self-correction, and show respect for the mandate of equality and the authority of the Constitution.

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