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“Getting Involved”: Americans Elect vs. the October 2011 DC Occupation

Getting Involved, the October 2011 DC Occupation version:

In preparation for the occupation of Freedom Plaza starting on October 6th (see, join organizers, educators, and concerned citizens for two participatory evening workshops exploring the strategic power of nonviolence and its applications to our social change efforts. You are welcome to attend one or both […]

Go To The Jon Stewart Rally And Watch It On TV At The Same Time!

People attending the Jon Stewart rally can watch the rally on television and still be there. […]

Content Of Congressional Campaigns Obscured By John Stewart Rally For ___

When I got to the Mall, I could barely see the Capitol dome. Blaring lights from the set being erected for John Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear were getting in the way of my ability to see the U.S. Congress. […]

D.C. Marriage Equality Tomorrow!

Right wing religious groups are extremely eager to tell anyone who will listen that their god, an all-powerful supernatural being, does not approve of same-sex marriage. But then, if this god is truly omnipotent, and really doesn’t want same-sex couples to get married, why doesn’t he just stop it from taking place?

The old stories […]

DC Catholics Are Mostly Not Outraged By Same Sex Marriage

Catholics have not responded to Archbishop Donald Wuerl’s appeal for a flood of telephone calls expressing opposition to marriage equality. […]

A Missed Opportunity For An Enraged Mob

If only the anarchists had succeeded in their tactics, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would be over by now, right? Enraged mobs against war! […]

Separate and Unequal America Under Obama Anti-Gay Agenda

The consensus in favor of recognizing same-sex marriages is rapidly expanding. President Obama is on the wrong side of a significant historical shift, and the time is running out for him to make a plausible self-correction, and show respect for the mandate of equality and the authority of the Constitution. […]

Crushes to get into Inaugural Route

At Constitution & 14th, people were being crushed against fences, the crowd was so thick. […]

On the Ground Inaugural Report

A video podcast report from Jim, on Pennsylvania Avenue for Inauguration Day. […]

Irregular Jim Arrives At Demonstration Site

Jim started out many miles away, hiking down the Capital Crescent Trail, and through Georgetown before arriving at the National Mall. […]

Warm Up At Activist Tent for Inauguration Demonstration

These two activist tastes could taste great together. I’ll make my way to the Washington Peace Center’s tents on my way to the corner of 9th and Pennsylvania. […]