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The Ineffectual Landscaping Fabric of Despair

What this landscaping fabric was not good for: restraining weeds.  As you can see, roots have shot right through it. What this landscaping fabric is great for: poking up through the weeds that have taken over the spot in garish white plastic strips. The previous

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Eating The Weed That Grows Around Me

In common terms, it’s often called creeping charlie, gill over the-ground, haymaids, or ground ivy. More often than not, though, gardeners don’t even know its name. They simply call it that plant that won’t stop growing into my flower bed and taking over. They certainly don’t call it salad greens, but they could.

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A Weed You’d Want to Plant

This afternoon, I’ve spent an hour or so pulling Bishop’s Weed from the beds around the house I moved into earlier this summer. Well, of course I’m pulling it out, I think to myself. It’s invasive and it chokes out any other plant that can’t

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