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John Piper Clams Up About God As Tornado Hits Baptist Church in Mississippi

When a minor F0 tornado hit a church where gay rights activists had met last summer, Baptist preacher John Piper promptly wrote a 625-word essay explaining to his followers how the tornado was the expression of God’s wrath against gay people. Piper declared that “Jesus Christ controls the wind, including all tornados,” that God will […]

God Punishes Sodomites of Maine and NH With Light Spring Rains

God will not be mocked! Just ask prominent Christian fundamentalist preachers John Hagee and Pat Robertson and Stephen Bennett. Each has proclaimed God’s intention to punish the promotion of gay and lesbian coupling with His Holy Instruments of Meterological Terror. Zeus, Schmeus: the Christian God can do better than lightning bolts. He will Wreak His […]

McCain Pal Hagee Doesn’t Understand. God Hates Straight People!

John Hagee. Oh, that John Hagee. Republican presidential candidate John McCain values John Hagee’s perspective on the world so very, very much that he is not only “very proud to have pastor Hagee’s support,” he not only accepted John Hagee’s endorsement, he not only gave John Hagee a big old bear hug, but he actively […]